SUPER PEPTIDES ampoule serums

The SUPER PEPTIDES series is a hi-tech solution to treat different skin conditions. All the ampoule serums from the series contain supercharged peptide blends to work as non-injection beauty treatments. Latest achievements in cosmetology in a very convenient ampoule format is a perfect choice for all skin types.

Innovative peptide cosmetics

Latest peptide complexes have proven efficacy and are specifically designed to boost your skin's natural beauty and to restore healthy appearance.

3D-delivery system for active ingredients

All the SUPER PEPTIDES serums are based on 3D-hyaluronic acid gel made of HA molecules of different sizes. Thus it works as an enhancer and allows active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin and promote a pronounced affect in all skin layers.

No injections!

This is your personal in-home beauty salon. Synergy is our main concept when creating formulations for new skincare products. So our new peptide serums quickly restore and improve the quality of the skin and give you a more vibrant look.

One ampoule for 1-3 days

Ampoules are made of pharmaceutical glass that allows you to securely keep the product fresh and effective. This is a trendy and also a travel-friendly format.