Sensory Biopeptide Cosmetics Fifth Sense

All the sensory biopeptide skincare range produce happy hormones – endorphins – giving your skin a feeling of joy and calmness, and a healthy glow.


The high-tech ingredient Calmosensine, based on Arg-Tyr biopeptide, releases pro- endorphines into the skin making it look and feel happy and healthy.

Multilamellar structures

Multilamellar structures restore and revitalize the skin as they are physiologically close to the natural lipids of the skin’s surface layer. They ensure the deep penetration of the active ingredients and a long-lasting effect.

Signals for cell self-rejuvenation

Special molecules, called matrikines, send signals to the skin cells about a lack of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, boosting their production. The skin becomes more elastic and supple; wrinkles are reduced.