New spring 2023 Aqua Queen essences to pamper your face, neck and décolleté

21 July 2023

Teana introduces a new line of facial, neck, and décolleté care essences Aqua Queen. This range embodies the synergy of scientific and SPA-based approaches.

The series includes four products:

  • Pearl Radiance essence for even skin tone with freshwater pearl extract

  • Royal Comfort essence for soothing sensitive and problematic skin with coconut water

  • Talasso-Lifting rejuvenating and firming essence with laminaria extract

  • SPA-Moisturizing essence for nourishing the skin with lotus flower extract

"In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget how important it is to take time for ourselves, to relax, to remain conscious, to see and feel beauty here and now," says Teana founder, PHD in pharmaceutical sciences Dmitry Stoforandov. "The Aqua Queen series is not just about skincare innovations and comfort, but also a gentle reminder that self-care is an integral part of respect and love for oneself."

Each essence combines the properties of a toner, serum, and lightweight emulsion. The products aim to give the skin a rested, healthy, and radiant look, as if you are enjoying a vacation in a beautiful oasis.

New products contain neuroactive peptides to solve various skin problems, as well as active complexes of natural extracts with clinically proven efficacy. All ingredients and final product are not tested on animals and are plant-based or synthesised in a laboratory. The 100 ml packaging is recyclable and economical in use.