100% natural vegetable milk for delicate and fresh skin. Weightless, fast-absorbing texture nourishes the skin with all the richness of natural components.

100% natural

You can use Cotton, Sweet Almond or Fleur d’Orange milk instead of cream, as it provides your skin with skincare benefits. Thanks to its 100% plant-derived composition, the milk is just great for vegans and everyone who loves natural skincare products.

Pharmaceutical packaging

maceutical packagingThe milk is vacuum-sealed in ampoules of pharmaceutical glass, which allows for longer shelf life without preservatives. Every time you open a new ampoule, it’s fresh. Ampoules are perfect for travels, too.

Light texture

Easy-spreading, fast-absorbing emulsion with delicate texture this makes your skin look smooth.

Combine as you like

You can mix Vegenius milk with Vegenius bio-essences to enjoy additional benefits and control the thickness.