A botox effect in 2 hours

XEP-018 (mu-Conotoxin CnIIIC) is a unique peptide derived from cone snail toxin. It impacts the neuromuscular signaling pathways, relaxing muscles and reducing the quantity, depth and length of expression wrinkles. Just 2 hours after application wrinkles become less visible. The results are long lasting thanks to the active component’s gradual accumulation with regular use.

3% cone snail toxin

All the products in this range contain an effective concentration of mu- Conotoxin, which gives its fast and long-lasting effect.

Natural expression

The toxin relaxes expression muscles without blocking them. This helps reduce wrinkles without compromising your natural expression.

Complex care

The range includes serum face drops, a light cream, and a night mask, forming a comprehensive skincare routine. The active components work from morning until morning, rejuvenating, moisturizing and protecting the skin day by day.