Serums in ampoules

Concentrated help for your skin

Ampouled serums have been our company’s bestseller for more than 10 years. They are targeted to improve conditions of any skin types. You will definitely find a serum suitable for you from our wide range.

A high concentration of active ingredients

Our years-long experience in pharmaceutical science allows us to create targeted, effective solutions for any skin type or problem.


Our single-use ampoules, made of special pharmaceutical glass, eliminate oxidation and guarantee the freshest formulas with maximum active ingredients and minimum preservatives.

More effective skincare

The high concentration of active ingredients delivers a fast, visible result, which lasts longer if serums are used as course treatments. The serums also multiply the effect of creams and masks.

Individual beauty cocktails

For creative minds we suggest trying unique beauty cocktails. You can come up with recipes for your own individual serum mix depending on your skin condition and your goal.