The power of the ocean for an ideal skin

Alginate masks are so called because they are made of alginic acid salts. These salts are extracted from red and brown algae and are highly valued by cosmetologists for their visible rejuvenating effect. The masks’ plastifying properties guarantee an instant lifting effect. They are an easy salon-quality treatment at home.

Natural ingredients

Laminaria and spirulina algae transfer the healing power of the ocean to your skin, considerably improving its condition. The masks contain components of natural origin only.

Express rejuvenation without a cosmetologist

The masks give impressive results which are comparable to a professional cosmetologist treatment. In just 15 minutes you can see the transformation – more even, lifted and glowing skin.

Botox effect

The masks’ formulas are enhanced with myoxinol – a herbal analogue of botulin toxin. This ingredient helps correct and prevent expression lines.

Boosting the effect of other skincare

Applying a serum or a booster under the alginate mask multiplies the effect.

Preventing skin aging

Regular use of alginate masks has been proved to have a rejuvenation effect, as they prevent dryness, wrinkles and other signs of aging.


The alginate masks are suitable for any skin type and any age, and can be used along with your usual skincare routine.